Sichuan Haite Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. (“Haite Hi-Tech”) was established in 1991, and is China’s first public company which provides comprehensive aeronautical technology support to customers (listed in July 2004 with the code of 002023). With more than 30 years’ development, the company has formed three major hi-tech divisions: R&D and manufacture of the core equipment, R&D&M of the high performance integrated circuit and Aeronautical engineering technologies and services.
Being China’s first company that is engaged in the R&D and technical services of civil aviation equipment, Haite Hi-Tech is to date the only one of its kind that is certified to provide engineering technical services to cargo planes and business jets, and in the mean time obtained the certifications of CAAC, EASA and FAA for accessory maintenance etc.
In terms of the technologies and services in the aviation engineering field, Haite Hi-Tech is the largest in the civil plane overhaul, painting, passenger to cargo conversion, accessory maintenance, the best private MRO of business jets in Greater China, as well as the biggest third-party center for crew training.
The company constantly researches frontier sciences and core technologies by taking advantages of its current strength. It has become a leading provider of high-end products and technologies in the R&D of core aviation equipment; it possesses the first production line of 6-inch compound semiconductor of the 2nd / 3rd generation in the field of chip making. The production line is for the manufacturing of the cutting-edge high performance integrated circuit that was approved by NDRC(National Development and Reform Commission) and broke through the barriers in the production chain of compound semiconductor, achieving independence in the core technologies of high-end chips.
展望未来,海特高新将继续秉承 “以客户为中心、以市场为导向、以核心技术突破为牵引”的理念,持续高质量发展,为中国科技事业贡献力量。
Looking into the future, Haite Hi-Tech will stick to its belief in Customers, Market Orientation and Breakthroughs in Core Technologies, in a bid to secure major achievements, making its share of contribution to China’s technology industry.

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